Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Adalyn: 4 Months!

Yikes, she's 4 months already!  No longer a newborn and turning into a very sweet little girl.  This month has been a big month for Adi.  She has taken her first international flight, learned how to sit in her Bumbo seat, had several play dates, rolled over, started laughing, watched her first Michigan game, had her first boat and train ride, attended her first Ball and continued to grow like a weed.  We've been busy.  Adalyn continues to be a great sleeper and a great little companion.  She is still very portable going wherever we go and not arguing about it.  She is a very happy baby and is not afraid to show others her cute little chubby checks and her gorgeous smile.  She continues to put on weight and grow.  She has more than doubled her birth weight and now weighs 6kg+ (13.2lbs) and is still pretty long.  Here are a few pictures from her fourth month of life!  Enjoy!
Adi says, "GO BLUE!"
At the top of Penang Hill.  We took advantage of Eric's day off and spent some time at the top of Penang

Our portable little baby!

The preferred position when being held
Story time with Daddy
Adi and her worm.  She loves him
She can stand!
And is just too cute!
Don't mess with this girl's bottle!

What's she looking at??
Playtime with Henry!
Big enough for the Bumbo Seat
 And in case you haven't had enough of Adalyn, check out this video of her laughing! 
We can't wait to see how much she changes this month!

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  1. I don't know if you got my comment - I forgot to sign in. Anyway, I haven't had a computer to use and am having a ball catching up with your beautiful Adalyn! Thanks for the smiles and giggles! Haven't had much of those in quite a while! Thank you, thank you! Love and miss you! Gail