Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our First Family Getaway to Singapore!

Finally, after 15 weeks of life, Adalyn took her first plane ride and visited Singapore.  It took (much) longer than expected to receive her passport and our Malaysian Visas so we were excited to start traveling again.  Eric and I were in need of a break from Penang and Malaysia lah, having been grounded almost 6 months, a record for our time here and probably one of the longest stretches of our adult life.  It was time, so off we went to Singapore, the large, clean, accessible, modern metropolis to the south.  We had an amazing time visiting our friends Louise, Eric and Mia.  Adi was a little star and allowed her parents a few late (10pm) nights and a few sleep ins (8am)! We enjoyed the conveniences of a modern city, hello sidewalks, shopped, ate (a lot) and saw a few of Singapore's many many sites.  All in all a great first trip away and good prep for our upcoming visit back to the States. 

We visited the amazing Gardens by the Bay on Saturday. We all enjoyed our time there and the cooler weather inside of the bio domes.  Adi was great, taking naps in her stroller and then showing off her smile in the baby bjorn.
Family pic with a napping baby.
Happy in the Bjorn!
On Sunday we spent a lazy afternoon at Clark Quay, taking advantage of the riverside dinning and the cooler weather.  We also took a cruise down the river checking out the city and the famed Marina Bay Sands.  After our cruise, we spent the evening drinking beer at Breworkz and eating delicious tacos at Senior Taco. 
First boat ride!
Marina Bay Sands.  Perhaps we will visit this famous hotel on our next trip.
Adi passed out after her afternoon snack
A very happy man with a "real" beer in his hand
Adi doing what she does best!  Fast asleep so her parents can enjoy a beer
Real Mexican Beer and Delicious Tacos
We HIGHLY recommend Senor Taco.  Legit Mexican tacos.  Expats you must go here!!
On our way back to Penang, Adi and Eric had some playtime in the airport!
First trip was a success!  I'm pretty confident we will be back to Singapore in the near future!  We all had a great time.  Next trip....back to the States.  Stay tuned, it will be a big one!

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