Friday, December 7, 2018

Back on the Travel Wagon

Yes, it has been a while since I sat down to 2+ years, but I'm back, at least for a while.  The last blog I wrote, Kai was 11 months old....things have changed just a bit since then.  Here's a quick recap:

  • Adi is 5 (OMG) and in Kindergarten!
  • Kai is 3 (Yes, it's been a while) and the sweetest thing there ever was
  •  I am back to work full time at Candlelight Ranch... two years to be exact as their Executive Director
  • Eric is still working at National Instruments and he is a Rock Star! 
  • We have settled (finally) into life in Austin, it only took me 3+ years to decide that we didn't have to hurry up and move away.... 
  • We have a small but solid group of friends which has really helped Austin feel like home
BUT.....those who know me, know that WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! Like seriously love to travel.  So when I accepted my role with Candlelight Ranch, I set the goal using a portion of my salary to fund our travel habit.  And while we have been doing some travel over the last three years there was one place that I had to get back to....New Zealand.
Quick List of places we have visited but not blogged about:
  • Three Family Trips to Michigan
  • San Diego for Thanksgiving -- maybe my all time favorite US trip especially with kids
  • Nantucket for Chris Amory's Wedding
  • 12 Days in Spain for our 10th Wedding Anniversary, sans kids (thank you, Sandy & Pat)
  • 1 Week Eastern Canadian Cruise for Grandma's 80th Birthday (again, Sandy & Pat to the rescue)
  • Three trip to Port Aransas/Corpus and San Antonio because I need time away from home, often

But back to New Zealand....we are off tomorrow for a THREE week adventure that will be filled with friends, family and fun.  I am so very excited that this goal is coming to fruition.   My children are so excited to sleep on the plane, see volcanoes, meet new/old friends and just go to New Zealand.  I am thrilled to have three weeks with my family, no work, no school, just time in nature together.  But mostly, I'm excited to be returning to one of my favorite places on earth where some of my very best friends and people live.  In literally every place we have friends to see, to eat with, to catch up with and it makes my heart want to explode.  I feel like I am going home, HOME for Christmas to my family, which is a BIG statement for me. More to come on this adventure.  Now to finish packing the four suitcases, schlep all the stuff to the airport and GO!  Stay tuned on this Jenneric adventure....