Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Adalyn: 6 Months

Half a year, that was fast.  Adalyn continues to be the joy of our lives, growing and changing everyday.  This was a big month for our girl, she took 13 flights, visited three countries, three states, swam in the ocean, had her first Thanksgiving and started eating solid foods.  Lots of changes, and lucky for us, Adi just rolled with the changes.  This month, Adalyn has learned to sit unsupported and she is "talking" to anyone who will listen.  Despite changing time zones five times this month, she is still a pretty solid sleeper.  She continues to be the happiest baby I've ever seen and her smile brightens up any room she is in.  She weights 7.8kg or 17.4lbs and is 67cm or 26.5 inches long and puts her just above normal for her age.  Here are a few pictures from her 6 month of life! Enjoy.
Smelling the roses in Northern California
With Daddy at the Golden Gate Bridge
Exploring Nature in Michigan

Riding Mya for the first time
First taste of solid food
Adi's first rainforest hike in Borneo

And her first swim in the ocean!
The play gym destroyer!

Sweet Cheeks!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Annual Pilgrimage: Northern California

Wine Country in Northern California was our last stop on our three week trip back to the States.  We met up with 12 of our college friends and rented a house on the Russian River.  We enjoyed the amazing weather, wine and time together.  We also made a day trip to see the Redwoods and the gorgeous California coast.  I am so glad we were able to have a reunion with our friends!  It was a great long weekend and I hope we can do it again soon! Here is a quick photo recap of our trip! 
Adi smelling the roses!
Em & I enjoying some beautiful California Red Winne

No water drinking out of bottles for this big girl...straight to the glass

The guys taking the girls so the big girls could have more wine

Gorgeous Fall colors in Healdsberg
The fun continued at the house, thanks to Amory and his big bottle of champagne

We even let the babies join in.  Gotta teach them early!
Annabelle shared her story time with all of us

A morning in the Redwoods

The stunning California coast

Adi chilling with her Sofie and her feet.

The Golden Gate bridge.  Our last stop before flying back to Penang
 We had such a great 3 week trip back to the States.  It was such a joy to meet up with so many loved ones and introduce Adalyn to her home country.  It was a fun and busy trip and we weren't quite ready to fly back to Penang.  To all of you who made our time "home" so wonderful, Thank you!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Annual Pilgrimage: Texas

Our second stop on our American tour was Texas.  We spent three days in Bryan with Jamie & Brian.  We had a great time enjoying the gorgeous Texas weather, playing with the dogs, riding horses and seeing our friends the Shannons.  Adalyn was so happy to finally meet her Aunt Jamie and Uncle Brian!  She also rode her first horse, celebrated Halloween as a lady bug and saw her first bon fire.
Aunt Jamie
Adi meeting Mya
Cowgirl Up!
Our Girl, Maizie
The Shannons!
Adi with her Uncle Bri!
Lady Bugs love to fly
After a three relaxing days at Jamie's, we headed to Austin to spend a few days in our old "home town".  We had a reunion with friends and caught up on life over happy hour at Z Tejas. During our time in Austin, Eric had to work so Adalyn and I spent the day at Candlelight Ranch.  It was so amazing to see how much the ranch has changed in the two years we have been away.  I am so proud of all the hard work and lives that have been changed!
My Ranch Peeps! 
NI Penang reunites in ATX
She's ready for camp!
A very full and wonderful visit to Texas.  We were sad to leave but ready for our time in Sonoma!  Up Next, California!