Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's A.....

Baby!! It's official, Eric and I are going to be parents in the end of May, 2013.  We are super excited to be expanding our family and look forward to sharing this journey with our friends and family. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oktoberfest Penang Style 2012

Firstly, where has October gone?  It's already midway through November and I am BEHIND on this blog.  Ok, now that that is out of the way....

Penang was Oktoberfest crazy this year!  There were several events throughout the month of October to celebrate beer and possibly Eric's favorite holiday and pass time.  We attended two Oktoberfest celebrations, one at the Penang Swimming Club and one hosted by the Malaysian German Society.  Eric drank his and my share of dark German beer and even scored Pauliner Oktoberfest.  He was one happy man!  Here are a few pictures! Enjoy.

Look how happy my husband is!
Cracking the Barrel, Penang style...please note the Chinese men in traditional German hats...funny!
More beer please...
We had a great time with friends and celebrating Oktoberfest Penang style.  I know Eric will be looking forward to the return of real dark German beer next year!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our U.S. Trip Pics

Well, it seems I may be coming out of the "travel" induced fog that set in as soon as we arrived back in Penang.  I have been a very bad blogger this last 5 weeks but I promise to get back on it.  (Yes, yes, I have had some reminders from friends stateside that I haven't updated in a while....Em) Here are a few pictures from our 3 weeks in the states.  Enjoy!

Our First Stop, Aunt Vikki and Gordon's Wedding in Michigan
Jenn & the Bride
My favorite Aunts


Next Stop: Texas!  We spent 2 days in Austin and 2 days in Bryan with Jamie, Brian, Maizie, Diva, Doug, Mya, Diva (horse), Lexi and Becky & Nancy (RIP little goats).

While Eric worked, I stopped by my favorite place in all of Texas...Candlelight Ranch.  So proud of all of their work and I love the BEAST!
At Jamie & Brian's new house.  Lots of room for the dogs to run
Maizie was so happy to play ball with her daddy!
A great ride on my girl, Mya.  So glad my sister is taking care of her.

I LOVE this horse
Eric and Nancy having a staring contest....Nancy won
The proud and wet homeowners
After a way too short visit, we headed back to the Mitten for 5 days. We stayed at Christie and Jay's and attended our first Michigan Football game in seven years!  We the headed to Portland for family time.
Go Blue!
Roommates!  Still looking good after 12 years!
110,000+ fans....this will never get old
Our nieces aren't so little any more
Our last stop on our tour de US was Rochester, NY for Chris and Sarah's wedding.  We hung out with all of our closest friends.
Mack House Reunion!