Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kai: 5 months

He just keeps growing.  I can't believe Kai is 5 months old.  Another month in the books.  He continues to be a happy baby and a good eater.  We've struggled in the sleep department this month but I'm hoping that we are over the hump and he is back to sleeping through the night.  He is super close to rolling over and may cut his first tooth any day now.  Kai has been super interactive this month.  He loves to play in the mirror and giggles at almost anything his big sister does.  We celebrated Christmas this month and rang in 2016 in Fredricksburg, TX with friends.  Kai went on his first hike in the big back pack and also got his first ear infection.  We are hoping for a healthier month with more sleep!  Here are a few pictures of our little man!

lazy Sunday morning with daddy
Adi really really loves her brother

Kai's first hike up Enchanted Rock

Chillin with our friends in Fredricksburg