Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Sweet Little Angel

When Adalyn was 7 days old, we had professional newborn pictures taken at our home.  This was a gift from our friends in Penang and we are happy with how the photographer captured our little girl.  Adi slept the whole time which made for some cute photos.  Here are our favorite photos.  If you would like to see the rest of photos check out this link:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adi's First Trip to KL

At a mere 18 days old, Adalyn took her first road trip with her parents to Kuala Lumpur.  Now this wasn't all fun and games, we went down to KL to apply in person at the US Embassy for her passport and birth certificate.  Basically, this trip was to start the process to make Adalyn a legit American.  Eric and I spent countless hours organizing paperwork (i.e. obtaining an official copy of our marriage license, which we now have four copies of, thank you international shipping...) and attempting to take passport photos to make sure we didn't drive 4 and a half hours south with a newborn in vain.  All in all we had a super successful trip and Adi was a star in the car!  She also was amazing at the Embassy, out shopping and allowed her parents to have two nights out at excellent restaurants while she slept contently in her pram (stroller, for you Americans).  Finally, Adalyn's first hotel experience hopefully did not set a precedence for what she expects for the rest of her life.  We booked in for a one bedroom serviced apartment and were upgraded to a deluxe suite, complete with kitchen, powder room, living/dining rooms and a very large master bed/bath.  Did I mention the panoramic views from the 26th floor?  This kid traveled in style, for sure!  Enjoy the pics from our first family vacation.

Checking out the view from her first hotel room
Chillin' in the Suite

Adalyn's First Passport Photo!  This one's the winner:
Poor least she's not all the way cross eyed.  Let's just say, this shot took about 3 hours to get...
Out & About in KL
Adi's First Mexican Restaurant at 17 days old...La Mexicana in KL
Please note the proper margarita in my hand!
Legit Mexican food in Malaysia.  It was delicious!
When I closed my eyes and ate these Tacos Al Pastor, I was transported back to the streets of Merida! Yummy!
Adi doing what she does best...
Besides eating we also did a bit of shopping.  Eric was the best daddy and let me do some quick clothes shopping while he looked after the little girl.  This may be the most precious site I've ever seen while shopping at a mall.

It was also Father's Day Weekend while we were in KL, so Eric requested a stop at his favorite micro brew outlet, Taps.  Here's the happy daddy having one of his favorite beers while his daughter was fast asleep in the pram. (We also walked out of there with 12 beers to take home)
Adalyn was a trooper and great in the car!  She also visited Ampang Grocery Store and Blue Cow to stock up on American groceries and excellent pork products.  Our first trip was a huge success and definitly made us feel more confident about traveling with our little girl. 

Now we have to wait for the passport to be processed and then one of us must appear in person to pick it up.  We will see if another trip to KL is in order.  Once that passport is in our hands our international travel plans can begin!  Stay tuned to find out "Where in the World is Adalyn" going next...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 31st Birthday, Eric!

Eric celebrated his 31st birthday a few weeks ago.  We enjoyed some homemade cake and a nice dinner out.  Adalyn gave her daddy a new camera flash so he can take tons of pictures of her!  Happy Birthday to the best daddy and husband!!
Our first dinner out as a couple
Our little family: June 21, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Like Her Daddy

Adalyn looks just like her daddy when he was a baby.  She looks like him so much, that when I showed him his baby picture he thought it was her. 

Eric as a baby

Adalyn sporting her daddy's nose, eyes and eyebrows.  Wow!
Spitting Image?  Pretty darn close.  Guess we will see how much she changes as she grows! This post is also appropriate today, as it's Eric's first Father's Day!  My heart is so full of love for these two and it's been amazing to watch Eric and Adalyn fall in love with each other! 

Happy Father's Day to the best new daddy in the world!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Adalyn's First Ten Days

 How is our baby ten days old already?  The time has gone so fast and we are adjusting to being a family of three really well.  Adalyn is a sweet sweet angel and I have to pinch myself multiple times per day to believe that she is ours.  Eric has been home from work since I delivered and it's been awesome to have him here.  His paternity leave will end next week and I'm already sad that he will be going back to work.  He's been amazing with Adalyn and so supportive of me as I transition to being a wife and momma.  We have had lots of visitors at home and in the hospital.  Our friends have been great, bringing us meals and stopping by to meet our little girl.    We are feeling lots of love for our little one from all over the world. 

So far, Adalyn is a great sleeper and is letting her parents sleep during the nights.  I know this will change, but I'm not going to complain with a newborn who sleeps from 9pm-5am in her first week of life!  She's working on being a better eater.  She has lost some weight since coming home from the hospital but we are working on fattening up our skinny little girl.  Adalyn loves bath time with her daddy and I can hardly wait to get her in the pool.  We have went on a few walks down Gurney and this morning she and I went down for dim sum.  Adalyn and her friend Ellie have spent some time getting to know one another over the last week.  Ellie is 20 weeks older than Adalyn and is so much bigger.  It's crazy to think she will be that big one day.  Here are a bunch of pictures from her first precious days.  Enjoy!

Visits in the Hospital:
Yasmine and Sean meeting little Adalyn
Adalyn's first snuggle with Auntie Nikki
Ellie meeting her new best friend
Paulette meeting little "Awas"
Heather and Adalyn
Bernadette getting a little cuddle
Uncle Leon's Birthday Present
Celebrating Adalyn with a little Moet Chandon
Dr. Narinder with our sweet little girl
 Our first days at home
Working hard to burb
First Smiles
Coco meets her little sister
So little in Daddy's Hands
Nap time with Daddy
Cuddles with the Momma
Adalyn and Ellie's first playdate
She loves bath time!
This baby loves to sleep!
Happily asleep with her momma
Auntie Paulette getting the look from Adalyn
Coco the big sister and babysitter.  She is doing so well with all of the changes
We are looking forward to enjoying our little girl as she grows and changes.  Everyday she experiences something new and it's a joy to watch her take in the world around her.