Sunday, May 29, 2016

Adalyn Turns 3

Well, she's 3 folks and she's a big girl now!  To celebrate Adi's 3rd birthday, we had a small party complete with friends from school and our neighborhood.  The kids played in the backyard, the parents talked and we all ate cake.  It was a fun way to celebrate another year for Adi.  Her favorite part of the day was eating her chocolate cake, the rest was just extra.  Here are few pictures from her birthday party.  Enjoy!
Kai was less than impressed about Adi's birthday

 For dinner on Adi's actual birthday, she requested Pad Thai and to bring her bestie Gavin (above) to dinner.  These two love each other, we may be in trouble in fourteen more years...little heart breakers

Adi wanted a "tea" party for her party, which turned out to be more of a backyard party but everyone had fun!  There were tea sandwiches and cupcakes, swings, sand box and bubbles.  So much fun!

On to year number 4!  yikes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Port Aransas

It had almost been a year since we had touched the ocean and I needed to change that real fast, so we decided to take a long weekend and drive down to our favorite Texas beach location, Port Aransas.  The beach was shockingly more beautiful then I remember; the sand was powdery and clean, the water was warm and clear and the waves were small.  The weather was stunning (at least for the first two days) and we settled in to our first beach vacation as a family of 4!  We rented a cute little beach condo that met our needs perfectly, close enough to walk to the ocean and cozy enough to hang out in during naps and a few sick days.  All in all a good time and hopefully a place we return to often while we are landlocked in Austin.  A few pictures for your enjoyment!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kai: 9 Months

Our not so little Kai turned 9 months!  It's been a big and productive month for this guy.  He continues to be a super happy and active baby, crawling all over the house, opening drawers and trying to swim in Maizie's water bowl.  The army crawl is his preferred method of movement and I am thankful, because if he ever masters a real crawl I'm in trouble! Kai still loves to eat everything and anything.  I'm amazed by this boy's appetite - he loves pancakes, pizza, kiwi, sausage, sweet potatoes, dhal, noodles and anything he can feed himself.  He is still an easy going baby and a joy to be around.  He has started pulling himself up to stand.  He is increasingly interested in the world and how things work, especially opening and closing doors and drawers.  Here are a few pictures of our sweet big boy!
Kai and his buddy Owen

This boy loves noodles
And Swings
And Sheep...
And his sister!

Mommy's helper in the cart
Helping Daddy with his beer
And practicing his stand!