Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kai: 7 Months

Slow the baby train down.  He's 7 months, yikes!  This has been another big month for Kai.  He is now rolling all over the place, has two teeth and can sit unsupported.  He continues to be a big big boy, weighing in at 20 solid lbs.  He (still) loves to eat, having no complaints about anything and still drinking tons of milk.  His favorite foods this month were cheerios, mom's bread, oranges and anything with sweet potato.  Eric and I have a bet that he will be crawling by Easter and I'm pretty sure that he will be.  Kai is such a happy baby and loves to go on walks in the stroller, swing in his swing and be around his big sister.  This month Adi and Kai have really started to "play" together and it's been fun to watch.  It's also been a challenging month in the health department but Kai seemed to roll with the tummy bug that plagued him for five days.  Here are a few pictures from Kai's 7th month!
Those dimples kill me
On a roll

Kai loves the swing

and he loves beer...
These two are going to be trouble
On the's not safe anymore

The Exisaucer equals containment...