Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adalyn's 3 Month Update

Yikes, she's 3 months already!  That was quick.  Adalyn has continued to be a great baby!  She is eating up a storm and now weighs 11.9 lbs, almost double her birth weight!  She's slowly filling out and her chubby cheeks are super cute. 

Happy Baby!  Adi, is one happy baby.  She gives away smiles to almost everyone she meets and really only fusses when she's hungry or tired.  This month she has played with her friends Amelie, Henry and Dia.  She still loves to play under her play gym and is able to entertain herself with her "friends".  She is a great in the car seat and stroller, which makes taking her places fun for both of us.  We have been walking in the botanical gardens two days per week and occasionally make it up Pearl Hill. Adi also spent her first day at "the beach".  We spent the day at the Hard Rock Hotel with our friends the Hamiltons.  We had a quick swim in the pool before it was time to eat and the sleep. 

Here a few pictures of our growing little bean!  Enjoy.
At the Hard Rock Cafe pre swim.
Post swim snooze!
This month she has found her hands and all of her "friends"
Playing with Morris the dog :)
Crazy beautiful sunset.  We couldn't resist some pictures

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Staycation

 We are still grounded, as we wait for Adalyn's Malaysian Visa and Eric and I's Visas are in the process of being renewed. Last weekend Eric had two extra days off for Hari Raya, so instead of going any where we decided to make this long holiday weekend a staycation.  We took advantage of the extra days to catch up on sleep, hang out with friends, swim in our pool and enjoy our ocean view.  It's ironic how much life slows down and speeds up after having a baby.  It was so nice to just be home, instead of checking into an unfamiliar hotel and exploring a new place.  Don't get me wrong, we are looking forward to some travel, soon I hope, but it was nice to just hang out.  Here's a little glimpse of our long weekend at home.  Enjoy!

We started off the long weekend with dinner at Northam Beach with delicious dim sum and Syrian food!

Adalyn already loves Michigan and she can't wait for football season!
On Saturday, Adi played with Cade and Cara and we all went for a swim!
Adalyn hung out under her play gym during the weekend.  She loves the octopus!  He's her favorite.
Saturday Night, Yasmine, Sean and Amelie came by for dinner.  Adalyn and Amelie are getting to know one another and will be little playmates soon enough.
Amelie is 4 weeks and Adalyn is 11 weeks.  What a difference 7 weeks makes!
On Sunday, we visited our friends Zahara, Tina, Dos, Dia and Damia.  They are family friends.  Their father, and my favorite local, Eusope, passed away in June.  Euspoe was the morning guard at our building and always filled my day with sunshine.  He is greatly missed.  This was our second year celebrating Hari Raya with them (the end of the Holy month of Ramadan).  It was much more somber this year.  Tina had her daughter, Dia, one week before I had Adalyn.  It was very sweet to have the energy of new life in the house.  We enjoyed a huge feast prepared just for us. 
Adalyn and Dia playing

And in case you haven't seen enough pictures of Adalyn, here are a few more!

We LOVE those cheeks!  I can't wait to see how much she's gained this month.  She's finally getting chubby!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Water Baby

Adalyn is officially a water baby.  She had her first swim in our pool on Tuesday and LOVED it!  It's not a big surprise to me, since I love swimming and swam almost everyday I was pregnant.  Adi may be following in my footsteps (or waves) if she keeps this up and I can't wait to start teaching her more about swimming.  She "swam" for about 15 minutes with her mommy and daddy and never cried because she was cold or scared.  A true natural. And now some pictures of her swimming debut.