Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kai: 10 & 11 Months

Well this big guy blew past months 10 & 11 and just keeps growing and moving.  The last two months have been a fun, happy time for all of us.  Kai is into everything, crawling, pulling up to stand, and walking with assistance.  This boy cannot sit still, and is probably a big reason why there has been no blog in the last two month.  He continues to be a master of eating, only refusing avocados, which make him gag, but will happily eat any and everything put in front of him.  He now has 5 teeth and we are waiting for the next three to pop through any day now.  Sleep is still going well.  Two naps a day and a good 11 hours at night.  Sleep for everyone! Adi is still the apple of his eye and they are playing together in short bursts, but I can see a deep and long friendship on the horizon.  Kai weighed in, unofficially at 22 lbs on July 4.  He is one solid boy and has the thick thighs to prove it.  We love him and are so happy that our family of 4 is complete.  Here are some pictures from the last few months!
Beach Baby

Kai, loved to get inside the coffee table, luckily this didn't last long

Someone left the door open...
Momma's Boy! 

Helping Mommy at work

Did I mention, Kai loves to climb! 

Pretty much the only time he will sit still is when he is eating

And he isn't always happy....
Where ever Adi goes, Kai follows

Water Baby

Eating Pad Thai -- he destroyed it

Best Friends
Happy 4th of July