Monday, December 7, 2015

Adalyn's First Hair Cut

In early December, Adi had her first hair cut.  It was time for a trim and she did great.  I took her to my favorite local hair dresser.  She was quick and great with Adi.  Adi sat very still and was rewarded with some Swedish fish.  

The Before:

 And the After...

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kai: 4 Months

Our little bubba is four months old.  It's been another quick and busy month for all of us.  Kai has full control of his head and will happily sit in his bumbo seat and play.  His hand is his favorite food and his appetite grows by the day.  I'm pretty sure he will be starting solids in the next week or so. He has had a few tastes and loves real food. We go to the doctor in a few days for his four month check up and I'm pretty sure this guy is packing on the pounds.  He's big, strong and just keeps growing!  Kai took his first plane ride this month, visiting Michigan.  We ticked a few other firsts' off the list, first snow, first Thanksgiving and first time meeting Santa!  Just like his sister, Kai is an excellent traveler, it must be genetic.  We had a great time in Michigan and Kai enjoyed spending time with all of his family.  Here are a few more pictures of our growing Kai! Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving in Michigan

We were fortunate enough to spend my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving in Michigan surrounded by family.  We timed our trip to coincide with Eric guest lecturing at the University of Michigan.  It was a great opportunity for Eric and it was time to get the Hartner family back up in the air.  We landed in the mitten in the midst of a major snow storm and woke up the next morning to a beautiful powdery blanket of snow at Christie and Jay's.  We all suited up and played in the snow, something we haven't done in years and it was Adi's first time.  Adi didn't like being cold but we manage a few snow angels, snow balls and a run on the sled.
Kai's first flight

Adi teaching Bubba how to be a great traveler
Holy Snow!
Early morning snow, so beautiful

Snow angels with Christie of course
Adi was not thrilled about the snow...she's a tropical kid

Adi and Maura causing trouble...
After our snow play time, we headed north to see the Sever family and introduce Kai to Great Grandma, his aunts, uncles and cousins.  It was a quick but fun visit.
Kai with his great grandma
We spent the rest of the week at Sandy and Pat's, hanging out with family, cooking Thanksgiving, meeting Santa, riding the four wheeler and watching Michigan football.  Eric and I also managed a two day getaway to Ann Arbor, for him to guest lecture in the school of engineering.  It was a fun two day visit, both business and pleasure.  A special thanks to Sandy and Pat for watching the kids!
Us at the Engine arch...almost 14 years and still going strong

Adi driving the tractor with Daddy
And learning to drive the 4 wheeler
Michigan vs Ohio State Game!  Go Blue!!

Aunt Sandy
Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by for a visit

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adalyn Goes to School

In September, Adi started "school".  She is attending a Mother's Day Out program at a nearby church two days per week.  This has been a welcome and needed change for all of us.  Adi was ready to start school and make some new friends, and I was ready to have some one on one time with Kai.  As they say in Asia, good for me, good for you.  As expected, on her first day of school, there were no tears, from either of us.  Just a quick hug and off she ran, joining her new classmates at the playground.  She never hesitated or looked back, she just went to school.  Since she has started she loves going to school.  She plays in playground, sings songs, loves art and overall has been a very good student.  Her teachers, Ms. Theresa and Ms. Amber love Adi and generally sing her praises.  Adi gives me a report every day on the way home, generally about which of her friends was bad and sat in time out. So far, Adi hasn't been sent to time out and comes home every day with stamps on her hand for being a good listener.  I am so thankful that she loves school and I know this is one step in her being a life long learner.

Smiles all around
Off to play with her friends 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kai: 3 Months

And with a blink of an eye, Kai is 3 months.  This guy is an eating and growing machine.  He continues to be a good baby, sleeping well, eating well and overall being pretty darn happy.  We are getting closer and closer to having solid sleep at night.  He is still a tank, eating and eating and eating.  Kai is enamored with Adi and they love hanging out and playing.  He is a proficient roller from his tummy to his back and when he really tries he can push himself forward on his tummy with his feet.  He will probably be an early  He has almost completely mastered his head which makes life a bit easier.  Besides the bottle, his fist is the second most delicious thing in the world.  Kai was lucky this month to spend time with his grandma and grandpa Hartner and his Aunt Jo and Uncle Inayat.  He also celebrated his first Halloween as a spider.  He tolerated his costume and loved going trick or treating.  We look forward to seeing how much our little bubba changes this month.  Here are a few pictures.  Enjoy.

Because this is what you do when it rains all day....

Friday, October 9, 2015

Kai: 2 Months

Our not so little anymore, Kai is two months old.  Another quick month in the books full of bottles, diapers, smiles, visitors and a bit more sleep.  Kai is doing what babies do, he is growing.  This boy has a healthy appetite and is a very solid eater.  He started this month at 8lbs 15oz and ended it at 11lb 4oz.  We call him our little tank because he can put down an entire bottle like nothing.  He is already able to eat a bigger bottle than Adi was ever able to eat, ever.  As long as you keep his stomach full he is a happy guy.  He does not like to stop eating to burp and will scream the entire house down until he either gets out a burp or gets his bottle back.    While we are still waking up 1-2 times per night for night feeds, Kai is an easy sleeper.  If he is tired he just goes to sleep.  No rocking, patting or crying for this one.  All he needs is his swaddle and his crib, he does the rest himself.  I think he might be's a bit ridiculous.  Kai is also an active baby.  He likes to kick under his play gym, go for walks in this stroller and chill in his swing.  He loves Adi and she loves him, too.  Her voice can soothe him when he is crying and he likes laying and playing with her on the bed or under the play gym.  We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of visitors this month.  Auntie Kayla spent the week with us and Grandma and Grandpa Hartner came down for a visit.  It's been great to be stateside so our family and friends can meet and love on Kai.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Kai!

BIG Sister LOVE!!

Aunt Kayla
Grandma and Grandpa Hartner