Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adalyn Goes to School

In September, Adi started "school".  She is attending a Mother's Day Out program at a nearby church two days per week.  This has been a welcome and needed change for all of us.  Adi was ready to start school and make some new friends, and I was ready to have some one on one time with Kai.  As they say in Asia, good for me, good for you.  As expected, on her first day of school, there were no tears, from either of us.  Just a quick hug and off she ran, joining her new classmates at the playground.  She never hesitated or looked back, she just went to school.  Since she has started she loves going to school.  She plays in playground, sings songs, loves art and overall has been a very good student.  Her teachers, Ms. Theresa and Ms. Amber love Adi and generally sing her praises.  Adi gives me a report every day on the way home, generally about which of her friends was bad and sat in time out. So far, Adi hasn't been sent to time out and comes home every day with stamps on her hand for being a good listener.  I am so thankful that she loves school and I know this is one step in her being a life long learner.

Smiles all around
Off to play with her friends 

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