Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kai: 4 Months

Our little bubba is four months old.  It's been another quick and busy month for all of us.  Kai has full control of his head and will happily sit in his bumbo seat and play.  His hand is his favorite food and his appetite grows by the day.  I'm pretty sure he will be starting solids in the next week or so. He has had a few tastes and loves real food. We go to the doctor in a few days for his four month check up and I'm pretty sure this guy is packing on the pounds.  He's big, strong and just keeps growing!  Kai took his first plane ride this month, visiting Michigan.  We ticked a few other firsts' off the list, first snow, first Thanksgiving and first time meeting Santa!  Just like his sister, Kai is an excellent traveler, it must be genetic.  We had a great time in Michigan and Kai enjoyed spending time with all of his family.  Here are a few more pictures of our growing Kai! Enjoy.

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