Sunday, May 29, 2016

Adalyn Turns 3

Well, she's 3 folks and she's a big girl now!  To celebrate Adi's 3rd birthday, we had a small party complete with friends from school and our neighborhood.  The kids played in the backyard, the parents talked and we all ate cake.  It was a fun way to celebrate another year for Adi.  Her favorite part of the day was eating her chocolate cake, the rest was just extra.  Here are few pictures from her birthday party.  Enjoy!
Kai was less than impressed about Adi's birthday

 For dinner on Adi's actual birthday, she requested Pad Thai and to bring her bestie Gavin (above) to dinner.  These two love each other, we may be in trouble in fourteen more years...little heart breakers

Adi wanted a "tea" party for her party, which turned out to be more of a backyard party but everyone had fun!  There were tea sandwiches and cupcakes, swings, sand box and bubbles.  So much fun!

On to year number 4!  yikes!

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