Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oktoberfest 2013

This marked our third Oktoberfest in Penang!  Crazy how time flies!  This year Eric and I will be back in the states for the big Oktoberfest hosted by the Penang German Society, so instead, we celebrated proper at the Hostie.  Eric was so excited for his favorite "holiday" and I was a very willing (not pregnant this year) participant.  We enjoyed real German beer, sausages and schnitzel.  Yum!  I partook in the games this year and took first prize in the beerstien holding contest for the ladies.  Yep, these big guns still work!  Another fun night with a great community.  Now, only a week until we are back in the states and Eric can have some real Oktoberfest beer. Stay tuned!

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