Sunday, October 27, 2013

Adalyn: 5 Months

Five months.  That went fast.  Little Adi isn't so little anymore.  Our little girl continues to grow and change on a daily basis.  She is a healthy 14lbs and carries most of her weight in her super cute chubby checks.  This month, Adi has learned how to stand and loves chillin in her bumbo seat with her Sofie.  She also collected two more stamps in her passport, visiting Hong Kong on our way to the United States (more to come on our trip).  Adi continues to be an amazing baby, sleeper and companion. This month Adi went under water for the first time at her first swim lesson and had to wear pants, socks and a jacket to go outside.  It was cold in Michigan!  Here are a few pictures from month 5.
This girl LOVES to stand!

Our little jet setter!  Styling in her head phones
In Hong Kong!

Our little tropical baby bundled up after her swim lesson


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  2. Adi is so adorable. I love the one with her headsets on! Love to you all!!!