Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let the Travel Begin

One of our greatest desires is to see and experience this part of the world. When we decided to come to Penang I made the stipulation that we would travel as much as possible and hopefully, that would be once a month. Lucky for us, Eric has 18 public holidays here which greatly expands his vacation time, if planned right. Next week is Hari Raya and National Day. Eric has 3 work holidays. Naturally, we planned a 10 day trip and Phuket, Thailand fit the bill for water and land fun! Did I mention that we get a 10 day vacation and Eric only has to take 2 days off of work! Yippee!

I am looking forward to getting away, just Eric and I. This last year has been rough, lots of changes and we have been extremely busy. This trip will be our anniversary re-do and Eric's birthday re-do, since both were major fails this year. I'm looking forward to reconnecting and exploring together, just the two of us.

We will post pictures and our trip details when we get back! Time to shower and pick Eric up from work. We will be in Thailand in less than 6 hours!!