Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Shipment has Landed

After 9 weeks our sea shipment has arrived!! I can hardly explain my excitement watching the movers bring in our boxes and unpack them. It felt like Christmas in August. Now our place is feeling more like our home.

Here are a few highlights from our shipment:
Our BED is here. I had been nearing the end of my rope sleeping on the rock hard mattress that was provided. Lots of tossing and turning led to grouchy mornings, extra coffee and a stiff neck.

My kitchen is officially here and now I can cook a meal with more than one pot. My stainless steel collection will be put to good use along with our Pyrex bowls, containers and pans. I also brought along a 220V Food Processor and Blender. As soon as I can I will be whipping up homemade pesto and margaritas! I have enough plates, bowls, glasses and silverware to invite people over for dinner. I also have appropriate wine glasses to drink our overpriced wine out of.

Eric and I never have to buy clothes again. Let's just say I have been doing laundry for the last 3 days nonstop and I still have more to go...Eric only brought "50 or so" of "his best t-shirts" and we paired down and donated a bunch before coming.

I have choices in shoes. I love my Keens but sometimes I feel like a frumpy hippy in them and love a few extra options.

Our fridge magnets and pictures arrived. Our stainless fridge is now covered in color and reminders of our life back in the states. Also, our save the dates for Jamie & Brian's wedding and Robin & Eli's wedding are proudly displayed. (Don't worry, we will be there)

Finally, our scuba equipment arrived. This became one of the more important things on our shipment since we are leaving tomorrow for 10 days to Phuket, Thailand. We will be completing our PADI Advanced Open Water certification and needed that gear. Luckily, it's here and I can stop worrying about it.

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  1. You shipped our save-the-date to Malaysia?? So touched! :)