Thursday, August 4, 2011

Organic Produce...

We are very lucky to live 2 blocks from the "Wet Market".  The wet market sells all types of fruit, veggies and fresh fish and shrimp.  It's called the wet market because all of the fish and seafood are kept "wet" or on ice that melts and turns to cold water.  The fish are fresh.  Generally, they are caught in the morning and brought directly to the market.  We haven't been that adventurous yet, although I did buy shrimp this week and they were great!  Maybe once our sea shipment arrives with our pots and pans I will attempt to cook some fish.

I have been going to the market 2-3 times per week with our neighbor Becky.  Becky is from the U.K. and her and her family moved into our building the same day as us.  It's been nice to share the shopping experience with someone who is just as novice as me!  The produce is so fresh and beautiful but I've only been buying small quantities, as I'm not too sure how long things last. 

This morning after our morning visit to the market I was cleaning my Organic lettuce and found a few little friends.  I think this stuff really is organic! 

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  1. He's cute, but I guess not what you wanna see in your food! Abigail would love to hold him. =)