Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few Penang Beauty Secrets

Admittedly, I am not much for fashion or vanity.  This could explain why I have worked on a ranch for the last two years.  I don't mind being dirty and my favorite hairstyle is a ponytail accessorized with a dry-wick hat and sunglasses.  However, I do allow myself one girlie eyebrows.  It drives me nuts when they aren't in their place and when my unibrow is showing her ugly head. 

Needless to say, its been 6 weeks since my last visit to Shahnila at Hair It Is in Austin and my uni was coming back.  I was in need of a good threading and I didn't know where to start.  Lucky for me, Penang has a booming Little India.  Surely someone can fix my overgrowth.

For those of you who aren't familiar with threading, here is a quick description from Shahnila's website: Threading is an ancient Indian technique of hair removal involving pulling out a row of hairs from the follicle by twisting the hairs into a 100% cotton thread. The specialist holds one end of the thread in her mouth, and the other end in one of her hand. With her other hand, the stylist holds the center of the thread to form a loop. This loop traps a row of unwanted hairs and that are pulled from the skin, leaving a smooth finish. Threading is the most natural, safe and effective method of hair removal.

I love threading!  It's more accurate than waxing and the skin around my eyebrows isn't red for 3 days.  It also lasts longer.  Despite it's amazing qualities, threading hurts.  It's a bit like torture but the pain is totally worth the end result...if you haven't tried it, you should!  

Back to my beauty adventure...

I volunteered today at the WCC and needed some beauty help.  I asked around and found out that there are tons of places that thread in Little India, as I suspected.  The ladies took me during lunch today.  It was great and to top it off it cost RM 5 or $1.70!! I can hardly believe it!  Seriously, $1.70 to thread my eyebrows and they are perfect!