Monday, September 22, 2014

Pangkor Laut: Take 2

Our last trip to Pangkor Laut was 18 months ago, I was pregnant with Adi and it was one of our last getaways as a family of two. It was luxurious and romantic. Fast forward to last week when we returned, as a party of three.  We knew this trip would be different then the last time but none the less, Pangkor Laut did not disappoint.  We were joined by our friends Marcie & Jeff and their two sweet girls, SkyeLynn and Josie.  We had neighboring beach villas so after the girls went to sleep, the adults could enjoy some adult beverages on our large balcony. Our days were spent relaxing at the beach and the pool, taking long afternoon naps and eating nice meals.  Marcie and I splurged and spent a few hours at the amazing spa while the guys looked after the girls. We all enjoyed the large private beach with turquoise water, nice surf and clean sand.  Adi finally learned how to play in the sand and not eat it and she loved relaxing in her lounge chair.  Nature was in full force as well, we had amazing cool weather and clear skies for our entire stay.  We were surrounded by lush rain forest and had the pleasure of watching horn bills, fruit bats and large monitor lizards. It was a great mini vacation where we all relaxed and recharged our batteries.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure.  Enjoy!
Our large beach villa, Adi had her own room in the closet!
Our return gift from the romantic!
The view from our room
An afternoon visit from a Horned Bill
This is what vacation looks like! 

A colony of fruit bats outside of our villa.  Adi loved listening to the bats all day long!

On our way to the beach.  The resort provides a shuttle but we decided to hike on over
A rather large sunbathing monitor lizard
Then there was the beach....and this is pretty much what our holiday looked like. 

Adi loved playing in the waves! 

Marcie and I enjoying our beach happy hour!
Our Trista Pose!  
Beach Babes!
This is what Eric's vacation looked like...
A very happy beach monkey
Relaxing with her daddy!
A very happy and relaxed bunch!  

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