Friday, August 29, 2014

Adalyn: 15 Months

This walking, talking, happy girl is 15 months!  Growing up by the day, Adalyn is such a joy to be around.  This month, Adalyn continued to grow her vocabulary and culinary tastes.  Her new favorite words are city, car, bye bye, bee, duck and dhal.  This month's favorite food was tempura shrimp and black glutinous rice.  Her hair is long enough that she can rock a pony tail (like her momma).  She continues to grow, weighing in at 11 kg or 24 lbs and is very tall.  She is taller than most Asian two year olds, and she didn't get that gene from me! We also had Aunt Kayla visit for two weeks from the U.S.  Adi loved having her in town an showing Kayla all around Penang.  She has also turned into quite the helper.  She likes to "help" with the laundry, by taking everything out of the baskets and even helped daddy fix a toilet. The last half of the month was a rough one for Adi.  She made five trips to the doctors, had a very high fever and broke out in a bad rash.  Poor thing.  She was a good patient and made a speedy recovery.  In no time, she was back on her feet, chasing Coco and playing!  Here are a few pictures from Adalyn's 15th month!
 I can't resist taking pictures of Adi while she's eating.  She makes such a glorious mess and I love it!
She loved this black glutinous rice for dessert
Rockin' the Pony
Daddy's little helper
 Monkey Beach!
She LOVED having Aunt Kayla here

Our little family
Poor thing!  So sick! 

And a few days later, she was back to being this happy! 

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  1. Poor Adi! Did she have Roseola? Lauren had it twice and the fevers were scary!! (over 104) I'm glad she's feeling better!