Friday, August 1, 2014

The Perhintians, Take Three

Over Raya, we took a trip to our favorite Malaysian Islands, the Perhintians.  This was actually my third, Eric's second and Adi's first time hanging out in the Perhintians.  We spent five lovely days on this beautiful island, relaxing, enjoying the gentle waves, soft sand and very laid back island life.  Most days were spent playing in the sand, snorkeling and swimming in the calm, clear and peaceful ocean.  Adalyn had a good time learning to play (not eat) in the sand and earned her sea legs on our last day.  Eric and I enjoyed amazing snorkeling, seeing thousands of fish, sting rays, sea turtles and reef sharks all off of the beach in the picture above.  It was awesome!  Although, I had planned to dive, I decided it wasn't the best choice two weeks after having surgery. The snorkeling took care of my deep water cravings but really it was so nice to spend time with my two favorite people in the world.  It was a nice family getaway.  Enjoy a few pictures and Adi's videos at the end!
The windblown look
Our oceanfront room..not too bad
Family Selfie
Sand is for playing, not eating...

And she's off into the gentle waves
Sand and coral is for eating right?
Beach Baby!
She found her sea legs!  

Adi Loved the boat ride to/from the island

Fast asleep on the speed boat back to the mainland.  She's one well traveled kid

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