Monday, July 28, 2014

Adalyn: 14 Months

This month seemed to go by fast, just like Adi.  Since she figured out how to walk last month, there's been no stopping her.  She is excited with her new found mobility and into exploring everything.  Its been a lot of fun to watch her become more confident and mobile.  I can also say that I was ready for her to walk and it came at a perfect time.  This month, Adalyn's vocabulary has grown and she can almost say small sentences.  She still loves cats and loves to meow whenever possible.  She has popped two more teeth this month and I can see more on the way very soon.  The highlight of this month was watching her get her "sea legs" in the Perhintian Islands.  We captured it on a video.  Here are a few of our favorite pictures from Adi's 14th month!

Ride'm Cowgirl!
Her second 4th of July!

And she LOVES to make a mess!

Ring Ring, she loves the phone!
And Adi learning to love the beach!

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