Thursday, August 21, 2014

America 2014

In early June, we took the pilgrimage back across the Pacific and set our feet on American soil for three weeks. It was a full and challenging trip for us and one that I'm not sure we will be doing again any time soon.  It was a big trip!  We stopped in Michigan, Austin and North Carolonia and all got sick along the way.  We celebrated Adi's 1st Birthday, Father's Day, Allison's High School Graduation and Eric's Birthday.  We spent time with Jamie and Brian in Austin and Aunt Jo, Inayat and Alasdair in North Carolina. We also caught up with Christie, Jay and Maura and Jeb and Andera in Michigan.  It was a packed trip.  Travel was tough with Adalyn being mobile and taking her first steps at Aunt Sandy's.  We also all caught the "Asian Plague" and passed it to 14 of 16 people who were in contact with us in the first 72 hours we were in the states.  Being sick is no fun, but being sick while traveling with jet leg and a 12 month old, just sucks.  Here are a few pictures of our time in the States.  Enjoy.

We had a quick overnight stay in Hong Kong.  I hope to visit for longer soon
Noodles with a view! 
Our time in Michigan
Adalyn and Maura
Our old college hangout, Dominick's... 
Adalyn's 1st Birthday in Michigan
Three Generations. Adalyn, her momma and Great Grandma

Allison, the new graduate!

Adi and her Grandpa

Grandma got her wish to rock Adi to sleep.  Poor thing was so sick!
Our Quick Trip to Texas:
We were literally on the ground less than 72 hours!  It was a quick one but glad we could see my sister and Brian!

Adi loving her first Amy's Ice Cream in the airport

North Carolina:
Asheville  - We spent three lovely days relaxing in a gorgeous mountain house with Aunt Jo, Inayat and Alasdair.  It was a great few days and we all wished we had more time to chill here.  We spent some time exploring Asheville and participated in the weekly drum circle.  Adi loved it! We also celebrated Eric's 32nd birthday.  We went on a brewery tour, which was awesome and ate Mexican food for dinner.  We also got some hiking in and Adi broke in her new backpack.  It was a great time.

Our little drummer and walker!

Drum Circle
Look at all those taps!  Someone was in beer heaven!

After Asheville, we drove to Raleigh to collect the rest of our stuff and have one last day shopping.  It was a quick trip and visit but we were glad that we stopped.

And after a long 25 hours of travel, we made it back to Penang!  6 suitcases, 2 strollers and a baby backpack later we were home! 

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  1. I'm sorry we couldn't see you on your trip! We hope to see you the next time you are in Michigan!