Monday, September 22, 2014

Just another Saturday afternoon

Our Japanese neighbors Kiyoka and Cazuo have been asking us for months to go with them to lunch on their "small" boat.  Last Saturday, we were finally able to align our schedules and off we went.  We met their boat at the Straits Quay marina, where there are dozens of yachts and really nice sailboats docked.  Kiyoka was modest when she told us that her boat was "small"  because in my world their "small" boat was a nice sized yacht.  None the less, we all boarded and set sail for a small island between Penang and the mainland to enjoy some local seafood. Lunch was a feast of fresh seafood, including prawns, crab and large mantis prawns.  This was hands down, the best seafood I have had in Malaysia.  Fresh, succulent and delicious.  Everything about the afternoon was fantastic.  From the skipper who drove the boat, to the clear calm day and the amazing meal, we all enjoyed ourselves.  We sailed under the Penang bridge twice and even tried to fish in the Striats of Malaca.  Adi enjoyed herself for the first half of the trip and then an overtired and hungry toddler set in.  After fighting her nap, she finally passed out in the conditioned cabin below deck.  Eric and I took advantage of nap time and soaked in the sun on the deck of the boat.  It was an amazing day and one we will never forget.  Here are a few shots from my phone because we left good camera at home.
Leaving Straits Quay and headed to Pulau Aman

Adi loved waving at all the boats we passed

Gurney Drive from the water
Kyioka and Cazuo, our gracious hosts
Steamed fresh prawns
And yummy mantis prawns and good!

Right before and epic melt down occurred...
Passed out in the cabin...finally!
Directly under the Penang Bridge

Happy again post nap!

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