Sunday, September 28, 2014

Adalyn: 16 Months

This little girl, is just that, a little girl.  This month Adi started to flex her Miss Independent muscles and started to show her parents some attitude.  She knows what she likes and what she wants and we are working hard to get her to tell us without whining or tears.  She still loves to talk and learns a few more words each day.  This month she really started to to communicate using two words together, like play date, blue bird, help please, no no, more please, hold hands and see more.  Her favorite word seems to be, cookie, and it's also her favorite food.  At least she's chowing down on homemade healthy cookies , so not to worry right?  Did I mention that she's fast?  This kid loves to run and she does it while squealing most of the time.  She also loves to "help" -- she likes to help sweep, take care of groceries, wash dishes, do laundry and put her blocks and toys away.  And she loves to read!  Adi is a book worm and will read all day long. She will sit quietly and read books in her crib after she wakes up.  She loves books and it makes me so proud that she does.  We had three of four of her first molars cut this month, which makes for lots of fun.  She is still happy despite the growing pains of her body.  This month she weighed in at 12kg or 25lbs!  She's a big, happy, healthy and smart girl.  Enjoy these pictures and the video at the end.
Ring, Ring...It's for Adi
"Helping" Change the Water

Reading to her Baby
This look may run in the family...just saying.
Our Book Worm

Being Silly with Daddy
This is what happens when she eats all her yogurt for dinner!
First Live Music at the Hard Rock

"Helping" with the laundry
This is completely legal in Malaysia...
Digging in the rocks with Henry
Our Thursday Morning Play Group!  

And finally a little video to melt your heart!  We love this little girl!

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