Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adalyn: 17 Months

This month has been a true joy to be with Adalyn.  She continues to explore the world and its fascinating to watch her learn each day.  She loves going to playgroup and her social skills are expanding each day.  Her vocabulary continues to grow and she is learning one to two new words a day.  All four of her first molars are through which has made eating more fun as she can really chew things now.  Adi is also turning into a great traveler.  She was awesome traveling around Sri Lanka, being patient in her car seat, taking naps when she needed them and sitting in her seat on the plane.  This kid is amazing, fun and beautiful.  Here are some pictures from her 17th month of life.  Enjoy!
She attracts friends anywhere she goes.  It's beautiful to see
The many faces of Adi

Road corn!! 

She LOVES the pool

With her German "boy" friends

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