Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our JennEric 2013

This year we decided to go "Eco-friendly" with our Christmas cards and end of the year letter so here is our 2013 JennEric Recap in Bullet Points. (What I really want to say is, I've been too busy playing with Adalyn and hanging out with Eric and our blog, Christmas cards and our year end letter have become lower on the priority list.) Enjoy!

  • We welcomed Adalyn Mutiara Hartner on May 27, 2013 at 6:58pm into our loving family.  Our lives have not been the same since.  She has filled our lives with so much joy and fun, that the first months of sleep deprivation are a distant memory.
  • We have extended our contract in Penang and our here at least until December 2014
  • Jenn & Eric traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Luang Prabang, Laos to play with elephants and visit gorgeous temples
  • We had many visitors to Penang this year; Eli & Robin, Jeb & Andrea, Aunt Jo & Uncle Alasdair and Emily made trips to hang with the Hartners
  • Adalyn has taken 19 flights in her 7 months of life.  She has visited Singapore, Borneo (2 times), Hong Kong, Michigan, Texas and California.  She is a natural jet setter! 
  • In October, Jenn spoke at the Luscious Ladies in Pink Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Penang.  She shared her story of Loss, Resilience & Hope to a ballroom full of 275 people.
  • Eric, Jenn & Adalyn love spending time at home, in the pool and with their friends and family around the world
We feel incredibly grateful for the love and changes that 2013 brought to our family.   We wish you all a wonderful 2014 and hope we will see you soon!

Lots of love,
Jenn, Eric & Adalyn

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