Monday, January 27, 2014

Borneo Part II: Kota Kinabalu

One month after our first visit to Borneo, we were back, this time to Kota Kinabalu and with our friends Jeb and Andrea.  I should be forthcoming with this post, that we spent four fabulous days relaxing and enjoying Kinabalu...from our resort.  We never, not even to go to 7-11, left the Shangri-La Rasa Ria resort.  It was that good.  Yes folks, I am saying, it was THAT good.  The best resort we have been to, best food (best Indian food I have ever eaten), best pool, nice beach, relaxing and luxurious, a highly recommended resort and kid friendly!  We were certain that our friends would want to explore the city of Kinabalu or check out SE Asia's highest peak, but our like minded traveling friends, were more interested in laying in our beach chairs and pressing the call button to ask for another Mai Tai.  We visited the resident orangutans but were pretty quickly rained out, as the "rain forest" really lived up to it's name.  Lucky for us Adalyn loves the water and had a good time playing in the rain while her mommy and daddy walked back to their room splashing in puddles.   We really had a fantastic time and hope to go back.  Maybe next time we will venture into the city and get a bit closer to the peak of Kinabalu.  All in all, not a bad way to kick of 2014, in fact, a pretty spectacular couple of days. Enjoy a few pics!
The view from our room!  See why we didn't leave
Beautiful Big Sandy Beach
Our Beach Baby
The view from our beach chairs...and yes, there was a "call" button for service
Happy Baby...

Chillin in the pool


Dr. Dunn & Dr. White....
 We had such a great time.  I hope Jeb and Andrea will make another trip to SE Asia before we leave! 

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