Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Borneo Part 1: Kuching

In November, we traveled to Kuching, the capital of Sarawak on the island of Borneo with our friends Eli and Robin who were visiting from the states.  We enjoyed a long weekend swimming in the ocean, hiking, watching orangutangs, visiting the infamous Cat Museum and relaxing.  Here are a few pictures of our time in Kuching.  Enjoy!
Playtime on the balcony with Eli & Robin
Adi was certainly happy to hike with her daddy
There was a fantastically cool natural pool at our hotel, we all enjoyed a swim in the natural water
Adalyn's first trip to the beach and ocean.  She loved it
First time in the ocean....
Momma forgot about the waves.....
This was followed by a large smile.  She's a natural in the water and held her breath when the wave splashed her!
Happy, happy girls!
The view from our balcony
Also, not a bad view for Adi's playtime.  Notice the curious lizard who wanted to play as well
After our time at the beach, we took a trip to visit the famous Semonggoh Wildlife Center  to visit the Orangutangs that live at the sanctuary.  It was an amazing hour, watching the "man of the forest" swing on the trees, eat, play and be in their "natural" environment. 
We spent our last evening in Borneo enjoying Kuching.  We checked out the famous Cat Museum, which was a creepy collection of cat memorabilia.  The best part of the whole museum was the picture below and the building that the museum is in. Someone really, really loves cats...
 We had a lovely mini-vacation to Kuching and it was great to share our trip with our friends.  I hope we can venture back, even for a long weekend, as the city is clean, there's a direct flight from Penang and the beaches were nice.

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