Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What day is it???!!!?????

Um...what's the date??? What day of the week is it??? 

I have officially lost track.... I think I'm brain dead.  Yes, it is 11:09 pm on Tuesday, June 28th and I'm sitting in our lovely Extended Stay DE"luxe" in Austin.  Eric is currently skyping to Penang where it is 12:10 (noonish) on Wednesday, June 29th...what what.....

Crazy...that's our life right now...freaking crazy!!

We are leaving in 2 days for Portland...thank god, I just booked our hotel....that's about as far as this planner can see into the future.

Tomorrow, meaning in 8 hours, we are headed to good old Temple, Texas for a doctor's appointment for Eric, not me....

I think we have both hit the moving wall, I'm ready to be out of this limbo that we have been living in for the last two months...our move has offically happened.  Our storage containers are in storage. Our container to Penang is somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Our house is empty, cleaned and ready for our new tenants to move in tomorrow! 

We are offically living out of our suitcases and are back to being a single car family.  We sold the truck today! The G6 is on her way on Thursday!  This is happening!  Craziness and all, it's happening.

More to come soon.  Pictures I hope and some gratitude to my peeps that have made Austin a great stop on our Boy/Girl Adventure....

2 more days in the ATX!

Now, we need to run back to our house for one last goodbye....

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