Sunday, June 19, 2011

12 Days

Last week is a blur.  I probably can't tell you what the date is or even the day of the week right now.  I do, however, know that we have 12 days left in Austin.  Here is a quick update of what we have accomplished in the last week:

  • Our shipping container is on it's way to Penang! Yay!  We knew we did a good job when the mover's told us that we may be one of the best clients they have ever packed and we were under our quoted weight by 800lbs...good thing I didn't know that beforehand! 
  • While our stuff was being packed our NEW tenants came by to meet us -- tomorrow Eric and I will sign their lease and become landlords! I find it hard to believe that our house wasn't on the market a week and we have a great couple renting for 24 months!  Couldn't be more perfect! 
  • Our condo in Penang is almost finalized!  
  • The rest of the house is 85% packed.  Our pods come in the morning
Eric and I are spent and brain dead.  July 1st is both a source of anxiety and relief at this point...we just need to make it!

On a side note, Maizie tried to sneak on our shipment last week....

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  1. I wish you guys the best and have a safe journey. CAnt wait to continue to read your posts !!
    and wyatt also sends his love :)