Sunday, June 12, 2011

Balls to the Wall

Our sea shipment leaves tomorrow....Holy Crap!

Eric and I have spent most of the last month going through our house, our life and all of the stuff we have accumulated over the past 6 and a half years of living in Austin.  OMG.  I know it's been a while since we moved....OMG we have a ton of stuff.  Since our shipment is going through customs in Malaysia we have to have an itemized list of everything we pack. EVERYTHING...

It's amazing how much stuff people can accumulate. These last few weeks we have went through all of our stuff and decided if it goes in one of these three piles: ship, store, donate.  This exercise has helped us realize,  how little of our stuff we had because we used it, wanted it, or needed it.  We are not very materialistic.  Many of the things we were holding on to was surely because it reminded us of someone or sometime in the past.  But, even without those things we still have those memories, whenever we say their name or think of a particular date or place.

We have been inventorying all weekend what we are planning on shipping to Penang.  We have managed to pair down our house to less than one room that will come with us.  It is a feat!  Truly! We hope in the future we will be more conscious about "the stuff" that we buy and hold on to. 

On another note, here is a quick list of what we have been up to these last 2 weeks:
  • Our house is offically on the Austin market to be leased -- tomorrow we meet with a prospecitve couple that would like to lease for 24 months!
  • The G6 and the truck are sold!!
  • Mya, the horse, is being leased for 24 months by a loving family
  • Maizie will go live with her Auntie and her brother and sister
  • Jenn is working part time, kind of 
  • We have selected our condo in Penang and are waiting for it to go under contact (more to come about that later)
  • We are considering driving a Honda Civic in Penang, but will most likely wait to test drive it when we get there
  • Eric has 2 people in Austin from Penang and 2 people working for him in the Penang office and an intern
  • Jenn has 5 interns working for Candlelight Ranch
We are 18 days from leaving Oregon for 11 Ann Arbor for 3 Penang on July 14th! 

Balls to the Wall until July 1st!

Jenn & Eric

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  1. The most importan thing you have you will be taking with you, that is each other!
    I love the that I will have a new place to visit. I wish you a safe trip. Love G.