Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finding My Happy Again

Just over two months in Austin and two weeks officially in our new home and I can't believe that I'm feeling this way....I'm happy!  OMG, I'm legitimately happy!  To be honest I didn't think happy would be how I would feel in Austin.  I thought I would be battling with extreme sadness and really grieving the fact that we left Penang early.  Maybe it's the fact that we haven't had much time to think or feel sorry for ourselves since we left our lovely little island.  The only thing we could do was move forward, together, as a family.  It's been overwhelmingly busy, but along with busy, we have found an amazing new home.  Adi is thriving.  Eric is going above and beyond, holding everything together, like the glue he is.  He is working hard but always available when we need him.  He is unpacking, organizing and helping care for Adi when I'm physically limited in my ability to do too much.  We are slowly unloading boxes and taking care of our "stuff".  The kitchen is unpacked and all our bedrooms, including the new nursery are in good shape.  Our new couch arrives today and the boxes from Amazon are starting to slow down.  This move has really taught me that my happiness stems from myself and my family.  If we, as a collective are happy and taken care of, then everything else either falls into place or isn't that important.

And to top all of this move off, I am 39 weeks pregnant today!  Baby boy will be joining us any moment and it's exciting and terrifying.  I can't believe we've made it, through this move and he has stayed put.  Fingers crossed he is as cooperative outside as he's been inside.  Here are a few pictures of the happiness that we've found in Austin.

Managing the movers

Adi was so happy to have her books back! 

38+ belly
Happy girl at her park!
Loving on baby brother

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