Monday, June 1, 2015

Adalyn Is 2

We definitely did not miss this giant milestone in our little girl's life!  Adalyn celebrated her 2nd Birthday three different times in three different locations.  We had a pool party for her before we left Penang, a family party in Michigan and a small celebration for her at our new (temporary) apartment in Austin.  She was thoroughly spoiled and loved on for her birthday celebrations.

It's been a few months since an update on Adi but she continues to be an overall easy going little girl.  She is headed into her toddler years with big emotions and little reasoning but we love her all the way through her meltdowns.  She continues to be a chatty Cathy, talking in complete sentences and repeating almost anything that you say.  She is still super tall and skinny, a gene that she has not inherited from me, lucky thing.  Adi loves to swim and got a much anticipated pair of goggles for her birthday so she can see when she goes under water.  She also loves to read books, so much so that she is able to "read" her favorite 8-10 books verbatim with us.

As she enters her third year of life, things will be different for her.  She not only survived the move from Penang to Austin but showed me how to do it gracefully and happily.  She honestly was not phased by the pack up and move out of our home and the two full weeks of travel and living out of our suitcases.  As long as she was with her family, she was happy.  A life lesson for me.   And to complete an early start to travel, Adalyn has 34 stamps in her passport.  I hope she continues to be as flexible, easy going and well traveled in her upcoming stateside adventures.

Adi's Pool Party 

Complete with a Hello Kitty cake

Having way too much fun with her friends
Adi's Michigan Birthday celebration

One more celebration in Texas

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