Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Zealand Part IV: Rotorua

After our amazing visit to Hobbiton, we headed a bit further south to Rotorua, the culture capital of New Zealand, where we learned about the Maori culture, explored the redwood forest, saw the blue and green lakes, and met back up with the Foxes. We enjoyed our time here, riding the Luge and going to the AgroDome.  Enjoy a few of our pictures!

The Blue Lake
Adi riding in her backpack 

Beautiful hike through the NZ Redwoods.  Adi loved it so much that she passed out!

 The Foxes joined us in Rotorua and as luck would have it, our hotel was across the road from the famous Luge track.  Let me say it was AWESOME!  Just think about riding in a small sled on wheels down steep and curvy roads and then riding a ski lift back to the top.  Just awesome.  It was too bad that we went in the evening because Eric and I could have rode the luge all day.  Lucky for us, someone was unable to ride the luge (pregnant with TWINS) so Adi was taken care of.  Eric and Leon also had too much fun racing down the track resulting in some sweet road rash on Eric's leg and as we told Adi, "Daddy ducked up his leg"  She thought it was the funniest thing ever, and so did I!

Nikki practicing! 

Dinner with a gorgeous view of Rotorua after we closed down the Luge

Chillin in the Gondola back down the hill

Eric showing us how its done
The next morning and several applications of Neosporin later, we packed up and headed to the AgroDome to learn about Adi's favorite NZ animal, sheep.  It was a fun morning and the girls loved it.  Also, someone may have milked a cow on stage...

After this trip Adi could say sheep!
And after a great time at the Agro Dome we headed an hour further south to Great Lake Taupo...stay tuned, more pictures to come.

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