Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Zealand #3: Hobbiton

It's' rare that I'll dedicate an entire post to one event on our blog, but this is an exception.  Eric and I are both Lord of the Ring fans and couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit the Hobbiton movie set on our drive south to Rotorua.  This tour was awesome! A must do for everyone who visits New Zealand, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fans or not, it's a must.  We spent two hours touring the set of Hobbit homes, learning about the filming of the movies and enjoying a beer at the Green Dragon.  A picture perfect afternoon, spent in Middle Earth, seriously, Go! Even our little Hobbit enjoyed herself! 

Two out of the three of us are short enough to be Hobbits...

The youngest visitor at the Green Dragon
Another amazing afternoon and after a few quick hours we were back on the road to Rotorua.  Stay tuned!

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