Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to Swim Backstroke without Burning your Retinas

I've been coaching/teaching A LOT of swimming these past few months!  I started my own, very small, off-season training program with the kids at Dalat and have been teaching private lessons at our pool almost daily.  It has been fun and rewarding and I have a great tan!

Last week, I planned on teaching a backstroke clinic to my swimmers.  Unfortunately, the sun decided that it needed to give us all our monthly dose of Vitamin D instead.  It was so bright out that it was borderline blinding. 
We tried to swim the practice as planned, the majority of the sets had the swimmers on their backs starring right into the fireball in the sky.  After doing a few demos and realizing that the kids complaints about their eyes burning were actually justified, I attempted to engineer a "sun shade" that would shield the sun and allow them to work on their backstroke.  I tried sticking hand paddles under swim caps or tying them to goggles, just for some relief from the sun.  Nothing seemed to work...until I looked over at our youngest swimmer who had borrowed her mom's sunglasses and was happily swimming backstroke down the pool sporting large bug eyes and a wide mouth smile!

 Problem solved.  When the sun is too bright, find some sun glasses and tuck them into your cap and off you go!!  I will be adding sunglasses to next year's gear list.

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