Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Mayo, Buddha's Birthday and a Super Moon

We had a very busy May 5th!  Not only was it Cinco do Mayo but it was also Wesek Day -- the celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death.  To top the day off, we also experienced a "super moon" which was the biggest and brightest moon of the year and was 14% larger than an average full moon!  To celebrate this auspicious conglomeration of multicultural holidays and events, we hosted a drinks and tapas party/potluck.  Eric and I spent most (all) of Saturday prepping for festivities which included making a mountain of quesadillas, a vat 'o pico de gallo, mixing margaritas, stocking our coolers with good beer, finding good Mexican/Latin music and lighting candles for Buddha. 

We had over 50 people join us for the festivities. 
 There were A LOT of shoes at our front door

Some of us, young and old ventured down to watch the Wesek Day parade near our house.
Can you identify the instruments these kids are playing?

The floats were pulled by people...
and followed by their generators...
Those who did not make their way down to the parade, watched from our back balcony.
Can you see them??

After the sunset, it was time for the super moon to take center stage.  Unfortunately, it was a cloudy evening.  We were able to catch a quick glimpse of the moon as it rose over the bay.
We wrapped up the night with good friends, good food and good drinks!  Our first party was a success!  Both balconies were used, our house was full and people left happy!
I wonder when the next Hartner get together will be....

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