Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fresh Coconuts

For less than $1 in Penang, you can buy nature's perfect fruit: a fresh, green coconut.  This is one of our favorite any time drinks -- always refreshing and delicious.  Coconut water is one of the most hydrating liquids on the planet, full of natural electrolytes.  During WWII coconuts were used as an alternative to saline because of their natural properties to replace fluids in wounded soldiers and civilians.

In Penang, you can buy a fresh coconut anywhere.  Our favorite location to score a coconut is near the wet market.  The Coconut man, as we call him, has a cart full of cocos that he pedals around all day until he sells out, or in the local language -- finish already. 
The coconut man cutting in to a fresh coconut. 

Next stick a straw in the coconut and enjoy!

After you suck out all of the water then you can scrape out the delicious and soft white flesh with a spoon and eat it!  This truly is nature's perfect fruit!

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