Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac Day

On April 25th I celebrated Anzac Day with our Australian and New Zealand military friends. Anzac day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand.  It honors those who are on active duty and those who have served and died in military operations.  Anzac day is very similar to Memorial Day in the United States.  I feel very privileged that I was able to attend the dawn service and share in the remembrance and service of so many military personnel.  Over 300 army, navy and air force service members in full uniform stood at attention during the service, while the sun rose over Penang.  It was a pretty special morning.

Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian service members and families
 lined the streets near the Esplanade. 
The Malaysian Veteran's Association in the batik uniforms
All of our New Zealand military friends

After the dawn service ended, everyone headed over to the Hostie for the traditional gunfire breakfast -- complete with eggs, baked beans, proper bacon and coffee with rum.  There were over 300 people at the Hostie for breakfast and as a good American foreign correspondent, I was also there.  

My first Anzac day.  Nikki and Leon showing me the ropes!

Like a good friend, I joined in with the festivities.  It may have been 8:30am in Penang, but it was 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

After our early morning sess, I headed back home to recover (aka drink more coffee and lay on the couch) before heading to the Beach Blanket Babylon for lunch (and where happy hour is from 11am-8pm).  
A gorgeous and delicious lunch on the beach!
My Crab Laksa Lunch....sooo good!
Leon is happy about his lamb sandwich

I spent most of the afternoon enjoying the ocean breeze and excellent company.  I had to responsibly retreat back home to teach a swim lesson, while the party carried on.  When Eric returned home from work, we met back up for one last beer.  

I really want to thank our friends who have invited us in to their amazing and welcoming military community.  Our time in Penang has been so much richer and fun because of you!  Thank you!


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  2. Thank you for your comment! We love living here and I'm so glad you can tell from our blog!! By the way, I get my eye brows threaded in Little India. There are two places on Penang Street near Woodlands Restaurant that will do it for RM5!