Friday, January 27, 2012

Our First Visitors

After 6 months of living in Penang, our first American visitors, Dave and Em arrived!  We were one of their stops on their 2 month Southeast Asia moon of honey. 

Our "family" portrait 
Dave and Em arrived after two cold weeks in China to our tropical home.  We spent a lot of our time hanging out on our patio, drinking rum and cokes, beer, and margs.  At night, we played quite a few hands of euchre, like good midwesterners after hitting up some of favorite food locations.

 Dinner at Northam Beach with our Kiwi friends, Nikki and Leon

Em enjoying a Penang specialty --Char Koay Teow

Unfortunately Eric had to work all week, so it was my wifely job to show our friends around town.  We wandered around historic Georgetown and Little India.  We toured the amazing butterfly farm and Tropical Spice Garden.  Em and I had a beauty day in the mall.  Dave even partook in our fish feet experience. We walked in the Botanical Gardens, swam in the pool and ate Roti! 

Em and Dave under the Moon Gate for Chinese New Year

We had a great visit with our friends and we wish they would have stayed longer.  After four short days, we headed with Dave and Em to Bali!!  (guess what our next blog will be about??)

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