Monday, January 16, 2012

Jenn's Big 3-0!

Last weekend I gracefully said goodbye to my 20s and welcomed 30 with the help of our Penang friends and my amazing husband!  We celebrated this milestone accomplishment all weekend. 

Eric kicked off the celebration on Saturday morning, taking me for Dim Sum for breakfast and then letting me open two of my gifts -- an iPOD docking station (for my iPOD, not my iPHONE since I did not have one) and a custom made beautiful green turmaline necklace set in 18K white gold!!

I still can't believe Eric bought this for me!  I love it! 

Later that same day, Eric organized my birthday party with our friends.  We started off with "drinks and nibbles" at my favorite bar, Babylon Beach Blanket, where we sipped cocktails and watched the sunset right on the ocean!  Amazing. 

Eric arranged for a mini bus to pick us all up from the bar and transport us back to our place to change before heading to the Hard Rock Hotel for the infamous Foam Party.

The crew and Coco

Yes, you read that right, we went to a foam party for my birthday celebration.  The truth is, I had never been to a foam party before.  They are hugely popular at frat parties in college, and well, I've never been frat party material.  So now, as an "adult" I figured playing in a make-shift tub of foam was a perfect ending to my 20s, and that it was.

We ended the evening with a bus ride back to our condo and a stop for roti before peeling off our bathing suits and getting sand all over the apartment! 

The next day was my actual birthday and my birthday weekend festivities continued.  We had lunch at Cafe 55 where we relaxed and enjoyed this cute location and amazing food!

We also hired a trishaw and had a quick tour of downtown Georgetown.  This was a cool way to see the historic areas!  After our tour, we returned to our condo for Birthday Cake and my last present, an iPHONE 4S!!  I officially graduated to a "big girl" phone!

It was a great Birthday!  An extra special thanks to my wonderful and amazing husband who made this weekend very very memorable!  He is a man of many surprises. 

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  1. Awesome, and "Happy Birthday!!!" a week late. (Also, Zeke [who is "helping" me type] would like to say "hi" to Coco.)

    I thought the other day that your birthday was coming up... and, well, it looks like I missed it. Welcome to the 30s club. :-D

    Ask Eric why I didn't get an iPhone 4S for MY 30th? ;-)