Monday, December 19, 2011


Our little kitten is getting bigger and crazier every day!  She is very much a kitten, going from loving to a monster in less than 5 seconds.  Her newest trick seems to be grabbing the toilet paper roll and running throughout the condo with a long white streamer.  She has also figured out how to give herself a bath! Yay! 
From Crazy to Sweet Kitten


  1. Love the first pic! She is getting so big already

  2. Wow, I think I have seen Zeke in that same pose. :-)

    They grow up way too fast. I looked at a picture of Zeke the other day and I can't believe how little he looked (though, at the time I thought he was huge for his age).

    Don't worry, after they go through what I call the "toddler" kitten age, they eventually end up at the "teenager" kitten age, haha.