Friday, December 9, 2011

Busy Busy Weekends

My friend Stuty told me that after her and her husband hit the 2 month mark in Penang time started to fly by.  Well, I'm confirming that this is also true for the Hartners.  We have been here for (almost) 5 months already!?!!!! Wow, it doesn't seem like we have lived here that long.  We still have so much to explore and enjoy on this side of the world.  Last weekend was super busy and full, just like our lives here.  With so much to experience, Eric and I did our best to fit it all in and take some time to relax.  Here's the recap:

Friday Night
After a very busy week at work for Eric and a full socialite week for me, we had planned an early Friday night since we needed to travel 2 hours down the peninsula to Ipoh on Saturday morning for NI's family day (more on this in a bit).    Well, best laid plans tend to change here...often.  Our friend Nikki invited us to join her at the Hostie, the local hangout for the Australian/New Zealand/UK military, where the beer is cheap and you can score some Western food.  The long and short of it, we enjoyed a few (4-8) beers, Eric mingled with the military men and I chatted it up with the ladies.  We did make an early night of it, leaving by 10pm and chowing down on our favorite drunk food Roti before heading to bed. 

Saturday -- Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh
On Saturday we headed to The Lost World of Tambun, 2 hours south of Penang on the mainland, for NI's Family Day.  The Lost World is a Malaysian style water and theme park.  It is very well done and in a beautiful location.

The park was complete with a "spa" area where you could partake in various treatments in 40 degree C water, like the steam cave and foot spa.  See the picture of Eric below!
Finally, my favorite attraction at this park was the petting zoo.  I'm telling you this park had a little bit of everything...a spa, animals and ZIP lines.... For those of you wondering, Eric and I did NOT ride the zips, or flying fox as it is known in Malaysia.  We will just say, that as two trained facilitators in the states, those lines weren't anything I would clip myself into.  The braking mechanism was a tire that you smash into at full speed....

Anyway, back to the petting of the most popular attractions was Ruby and Friends, which turned out to be racoons.  Yes, you read that right...there were big, fat and nasty racoons that people were petting and taking their pictures with.  Obviously, the movie, The Great Outdoors is not popular here in Asia....Racoons are not cute....

After a great family day, we decided to drive back to Penang instead of staying in Ipoh and exploring there.  Too much was happening on Sunday.

Like good Big Ten fans, we woke up early to watch the first ever Big Ten Championship!  The whole family joined in to watch State lose in the last minute...seriously #9 did you have to run into the punter?? Wow!  Coco was even glued to the tube...she is obviously in the right family.

 After we finished the game, we headed to the Penang Turf Club for their annual horse show.  I felt like a giddy school girl going to watch this show.  Eric and I snagged front row seats for jumping.  We sipped coconuts and enjoyed our first Malaysian horse show.

The course was really really nice and I was clearly a giddy little school girl!

Later that same evening, we joined our friends and drove to Batu Ferringhi, the resort area of the island, for the Penang Jazz Festival.  We sat beach side and listened to some amazing music from around the world! 


 It was a great weekend!  Busy, but full!  We are certainly enjoying our life here. 

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