Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jamie and Brian's Wedding

The real reason for our first trip back to Austin was for Jamie and Brian's nuptials on October, 29th.  Jamie and Brian were married outdoors at the beautiful Lotus Ranch in Wimberly, Texas.  One of the best parts of the wedding weekend was the use of the ranch from Friday until Sunday!  With so many guests traveling from out of state or from other places in Texas, we were able to all sleep and party at the ranch!  It was great.  Jamie was by far the most relaxed and easy going bride I have ever witnessed!  Sometimes I wonder how we are related.  Unlike her older sister (AKA me) Jamie was calm and not stressed about anything.  The weather was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous and fun was had by all!  Here are a few pictures:

Waiting on the Bride to make her entrance:

Eric and Grandma walking Jamie down the aisle

God lights during the prayer..I know who was watching

Almost Husband and Wife

The wedding party

Matron of Honor and Brother of the Bride..we are still looking good!!

The Fam -- Grandma and (super cute) Charlie, Aunt Vicki and Gordon,
Aunt Jo and (big surprise) cousin Eric

Ok, time to get this party started...Dos XX anyone?

Mr & Mrs Boiles

Time to smash the cake in your face!

Love how Jamie is hydrating in the photo
Brother Sister Dance...

Officially Hitched!  Time for the Honeymoon

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