Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dress by Candlelight 2011

When I found out that Dress by Candlelight was a week before Jamie's wedding I knew I would be there!  After a short 30 hours, I arrived in Austin less than 24 hours before the big event.  I had tried to keep my attendance a surprise, only telling Harriett and Karen and hoping that word didn't travel too far!  Misty was my date for the event, since Eric was still in Penang working!  I know that I surprised a few of my favorite peeps and it was great to learn about the growth the ranch is experiencing sine I left in June. 


The night was a huge success and we raised more money than in 2010!  I am so glad that I flew half way around the world for this night.  It solidified for me that Candlelight Ranch is the best nonprofit in the world, with the best people caring for it and the children we serve!  I love being a part of this place even if I am 7,000 miles away! 

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