Friday, November 28, 2014

Adalyn: 18 Months

This little love is 18 months!  Adalyn has been a true joy to be around this month.  She is nothing but happy and her smile is really infectious.  This month has been an explosion of affection and interaction, melting mine and Eric's hearts on a daily basis.  She loves giving and receiving cuddles, kisses and hugs.  Her increased self awareness has led to an increase in communication which is awesome.  She can tell us when she's tired, hungry or has gone to the bathroom.  She loves to helps when we are in the kitchen and she loves to go for walks with her stroller.  We continue to go to playgroup each week and she loves hanging out with her friends, especially the older girls, Josie and Skylynne.  She loves to go to the playground and play on the slides and swings.  We celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving this month and had family photos taken. We also said "farewell" to Adalyn's Fairy Godmother, Julie, who returned to Australia.   It was a great month and it's a special time to watch Adalyn become a little girl.  Here are a few pictures for Adi's 18th month of life.  Enjoy!
My little kitchen helper
playing with pumpkins
Helping momma make bread
This big girl loves to sit on the couch
And in her bumbo seat...
This face is precious! 

Playing the drums with daddy
Somersault prep

push, push, push
Loving her ice cream cone

Adi's favorite hat...
Going for a walk with her momma

Trying to get 20+ toddlers to sit still for a picture is fun!
Adi taking a reading break on the road...this kid kills me
Goodbye Auntie Julie, we will miss you!!
Playing with the big girls!  So precious!
On to the next month.  I wonder what adventures there are in store for Adalyn?!?

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